Does Timberclub remove the existing carpet or Floor and also disposal it?

Timberclub Australia may charge a minimal fee when removing the carpet/floors and take away to dump depending upon your needs also some Council offer free pick you also can book with Council to free pick up avoid pay.  Please feel free to talk to our floor expert to get more information.  

What happened to my existing skirting ? Do they need to be removed and put back on or need to be replaced ?

For the existing skirting, Timberclub Australia provides three options. 

  • leave the existing skirting board and install the beading around the existing skirting ( this will be the simplest and most cost effective option as removing the existing skirting is always risk damaging the wall or skirting ) 
  • remove the existing skirting and re-installed after the floor is completed. Our quality floor installer will take care of it when they remove them but still the risk may damage the wall and skirting.   the owner will be fully responsible to replace and fix it. 
  • remove the existing skirting board and replace it with brand new skirting .  

What type of underlay is suitable for my property? 

Timberclub Australia stocks many types and brands of underlay. more information available  https://timberclubaustralia.com.au/category/accessory

Depending upon your case, our experienced floor expert will help you choose the right underlay for your requirements,  More our experience has the following aspects of the case 

  • if you lived in the apartment. You must have the acoustic underlay at Timberclub. We provide many different acoustic underlays for your approval. We will help you to choose the right one. 
  • if you lived in the house then basic foam underlay will be good enough. Timberclub Floor is currently providing the basic Moisture-Barrier underlay complementary with each installation.

Will you help us to move the furniture ? 

We advise clients to empty out the furniture so that we can install the floor more quicker and easier. Of course. If some furniture is too big and heavy ( such as ) for you to remove then we are willing to help but our installer is not responsible for any damage caused in the process of moving. We hope the client can understand.

on the other hand, if the clients have no one available to move the furniture. We can move for the clients but we will charge a certain fee. The specific cost is more depending on the case.

Will you clean the floor after the installation ? 

At Timberclub Australia. Our floor installer will try their best to reduce the dust. Of course we will simply clean the floor after we finish. but you still need to clean the floor again after we leave to ensure that floor is clean and tidy. 

If you wanna professional clean we highly recommend    

How long will it take to install the new floor in my home?

It depends on the size and requirements of your home; most installations are completed within a day or two. However, we will be able to give you a better idea once a free on-site inspection is complete.

For more questions please contact our floor expert 1300 127 497

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