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22 Troon Ave Shellcove – Hamptons

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Genuine oak by Hurfords – Hamptons

As one steps into the abode at 22 Troon Ave, Shell Cove, they are immediately enveloped by the lush, natural beauty of Genuine Oak flooring in the distinguished Hamptons color, expertly installed by Timberclub Australia. This premium flooring selection stretches majestically across all the communal areas on the ground level, including a spacious living room, a gourmet kitchen, and winding hallways, enhancing each corner with its rich, grainy texture and light, sandy tones that reflect the seaside setting.

The Hamptons color palette chosen for the oak not only mirrors the external coastal environment but also infuses the interior with a sense of calm and elegance. This flooring extends with grace up the stairs, maintaining a visual and tactile consistency that is both pleasing and harmonious. Undertaken by Unique Custom Builders, the installation is a testament to their skill and attention to detail, crafting an interior that feels both expansive and intimately connected to its surroundings. The decision to extend this particular oak throughout the communal spaces and up the staircase amplifies the home’s architectural virtues, offering a seamless transition between the various levels and creating a fluid narrative of design and craftsmanship.

Builder: Unique Custom Builders

Photo Reference: Raywhite Shellharbour City 

Project Video:Click Here 

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