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5 Alroy St Bulli – Amber

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Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection – Amber

Nestled in the charming environs of Bulli, the duplexes at 5 Alory Street are masterpieces of contemporary design and refined living. Timberclub Australia’s Oak Regal Reverie Collection in Amber graces the floors, bringing a sophisticated warmth with its engineered oak finishes. The amber hues of the wood blend harmoniously with the natural light that filters through expansive windows, creating an inviting and serene atmosphere throughout the homes.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Contractors United, the flooring’s seamless integration across the living spaces, kitchens, hallways, and staircases exemplifies a commitment to luxury and functional design. This architectural gem combines clean lines and minimalist aesthetics with the rustic charm of oak, creating an environment that is both modern and timeless.

The duplexes at 5 Alory Street stand as a testament to elegance, offering a sanctuary of style and tranquility. Here, every detail contributes to a narrative of sophisticated living, designed not just for function but as a canvas of artistic expression.

Builder: Contractors United

Photot Reference: molenaar + mcneice

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