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Maintenance Guide

Although proper maintenance may vary for different types of floors, the following points should be taken into consideration by any solid floorboard. Proper cleaning and maintenance will add years to your floor. From simple tips to smart cleaning solutions, this maintenance guide from Timberclub Australia will teach you the basics for your new floor.

Your floor will give you much satisfaction in the years to come, but only if you keep it in great shape. Here are several tips to ensure a positive relationship with your new floor:

• Vacuum or sweep the floor on a regular basis or as needed to remove dirt, sand, or grit.
• Soak up spills immediately using a dry towel or dry mop.
• For general cleaning, use ph neutral hardwood floor cleaner & a microfiber mop.
• Fit furniture legs with felt tips / protective caps. Fix rolling furniture with soft rubber casters. Pick up heavy furniture or appliances; do not slide or drag.
• Keep pets’ nails trimmed to avoid excess scratching.
• Limit direct sunlight on the floor by using curtains and blinds in areas that are exposed to high UV rays.
• Maintain a relative humidity between 40%-60%. (Product Tolerance RH 35%-65%) Best to avoid the extreme ends of the tolerances.
• Never wet-mop a hardwood floor. Standing water may cause permanent damage.
• Never use any of the following products on your floor: ammonia-based cleaners, mineral spirits, acrylic finishes, wax-based products, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soap, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic materials such as vinegar. Never apply wax treatments to your floor.
• Use interior and exterior doormats at entrances to prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the floor. Area rugs are also recommended in front of kitchen sinks and in high-traffic areas.
• Do not use rugs with solid rubber or vinyl backings. Rugs must be made of a breathable material to prevent moisture entrapment. We recommend using a breathable rug underlay. Mesh or grid patterns are best.

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