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Floor Protection



Clever Guard Floor Protection is designed to be laid over your newly installed flooring to offer protection against damage while other trades are finishing their work and furniture is moved back into place. It is recommended to lay sheets of plywood or similar over the Clever Guard if you are intending to roll or drag heavy furniture or cabinetry into place to avoid damage.

Suitable for

Home renovations, single, split-level, multi-storey homes plus most to all high-rise developments, multi-dwelling projects and all commercial.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-toxic, natural, environmentally friendly and fire retardant.
  • Lightweight rolls to make transportation and handling easier.
  • Does not absorb water or support the growth of mould in moist situations.
  • Moisture-proof for added temperature control and floor protection.
  • Easily cut to the desired size for the surface you need to protect.
  • Lightweight and reusable, it provides superior protection in high-traffic work sit areas/
Specifications Measure
Thickness 2mm
Width x Length 1m x 25m
Roll Size 25m2



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