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Residential projects

Vaucluse / Peal White ( AB Grade )

Timberclub Custom Oak – Peal White AB Grade Size:1900*190*15/4mm Nestled in the prestigious Vaucluse area of Sydney, this luxurious apartment radiates an exquisite sense of minimalistic beauty and refinement. The interiors are graced with custom-engineered oak flooring by Timberclub Australia, featuring an AB grade wood imbued with a Pearl White hue, its surface resplendently smooth […]

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North Sydney / Brush Box Parquetry

Hurford Raw Timber Parquetry / Brush Box The curated visuals within these images whisper a tale of modern elegance entwined with mid-century charm. Beneath the curated collection of furnishings, Hurford’s raw timber parquetry floors in a sumptuous Brush Box hue lay a foundation of warmth, with each plank’s rich tones telling its own story. Installed […]

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Chatswood / Ash Grey

Custom AB Grade Premium Oak – Ash Grey Nestled atop Chatswood, this penthouse serves as a bastion of contemporary elegance, primarily distinguished by its AB grade premium oak flooring. The installation method — a direct stick over a meticulously glued10mm rubber underlay — not only promises a superior underfoot experience but also contributes to a […]

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Sydenham / Peal White

Castel Nuovo Herringbone Collection – Pearl White Nestled within this serene abode, one can‘t help but be captivated by the ”castel nuovo herringbone oak“ flooring in the gentle shade of ”Pearl white“. Each plank, meticulously laid in the timeless herringbone pattern, whispers tales of elegance and grace. As light cascades into the room, the pearl […]

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Keiraville / Natural Clear

Genuine Oak by Hurford – Natural Clear This project, known as “The Avenue,” showcases designer Gavin Hepper’s unique vision for modern living spaces. The kitchen area features exquisite marble backdrops that seamlessly blend with white cabinetry and a sleek, rounded central island, creating a clean and luxurious visual appeal. The flooring is adorned with genuine […]

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Wollongong / Amalfi

Heartridge Riviera Oak 14mm – Amalfi This elegant interior showcases a masterful blend of design elements, with the Heartridge Riviera Oak flooring in the ‘Amalfi’ shade standing as a centerpiece of this harmony. The warm, rich hues of the floor provide a seamless transition from the open-plan dining area to the modern kitchen, complementing the […]

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Leppington / Rome Grey

Castel Nuovo Herringbone Collection – Rome Grey H06 Indulge in the timeless allure of the Castel Nuovo Herringbone Collection in the captivating shade of Rome Grey. This collection effortlessly combines classic design with a modern twist, bringing a sense of sophistication to any living space. The Rome Grey color palette adds a touch of understated […]

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Thirroul / Natural Oak

Timberclub Premium Herringbone Oak – Natural Oak This Thirroul home in South Coast exudes a blend of contemporary elegance and natural ambiance. The spacious living room, bathed in sunlight from the floor-to-ceiling windows, offers a tranquil view of the verdant outdoors. The furnishings, including the plush leather sofas adorned with neutral-toned pillows, complement the serenity […]

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Figtree / Pure Sun

Clever Choice 20mm oak – Pure Sun This kitchen exudes modern sophistication, seamlessly blending contemporary design elements with classic materials. The pristine white cabinetry provides a clean backdrop, allowing the stunning marble backsplash to take center stage with its intricate veining and luxurious texture. A touch of greenery and wooden shelves introduce warmth and a […]

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