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2 Cotterill Ave Woonona – Hamptons Oak

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Nestled in the scenic locale of 2 Cotterill Avenue, Woonona, NSW, 2517, this bespoke project by Ryder Build unfolds as a visual symphony where the GENUINE OAK BY HURFORD in Hamptons color plays a central theme. Supplied and installed by Timberclub Australia, the oak flooring swathes the interior in warmth, setting a base note of natural elegance that resonates through each room.

The Hamptons shade of oak is a dance of light and texture; it brings a coastal serenity that pairs exquisitely with the home’s airy, white spaces and high, sloped ceilings. It complements the soft drapery and the contemporary furniture, offering a tactile contrast to the sleek, modern finishes and the rustic charm of wicker accents.

Function and form coalesce in the kitchen, where the Hamptons oak flooring lays the groundwork for culinary excellence. Here, the pristine marble island and backsplash find their earthy counterpoint in the floor’s sandy tones, creating an inviting nexus for family and friends to gather.

In the living areas, the oak flooring continues its narrative, hosting a mélange of plush fabrics, golden-hued cushions, and strategic pops of color that echo the home’s coastal inspiration. The flooring’s uninterrupted flow guides one to leisurely recline and bask in the natural light that floods through generous windows, celebrating the blend of indoor comfort and outdoor vistas.

Ryder Build’s artistry is evident in the seamless integration of the Hamptons oak flooring with the home’s design ethos, manifesting a dwelling where each element is thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the coastal narrative of Woonona’s serene backdrop.

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Builder: Ryder Build 

Photo Reference: McGrath Thirroul 

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