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26 Charles Road Fernhill – Nuage

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Genuine Oak By Hurford – Nuage

Timberclub Australia has skillfully installed the Hurford Genuine Oak Engineered flooring in the living areas, kitchen, entryway, and stairs of a contemporary duplex project located at 26 Charles Road, Fernhill, NSW 2519. The selected floor color is ‘Nuage’, a nuanced tone that harmonizes effortlessly with the modern aesthetics of these spaces. The warm, neutral hue of the flooring contrasts beautifully with the crisp white walls and is accented by the abundant natural light streaming through generous windows, creating an inviting ambiance.

The attention to detail in the flooring installation is evident, extending seamlessly into the kitchen area where it complements the dark wood cabinetry and sleek stone countertops. Contemporary pendant lighting and minimalist décor elevate the sense of luxury, while the earthy Nuage floor tones bring a grounded, cozy feel to the environment. In the living room, the oak flooring forms a perfect foundation for the plush, patterned rugs and textured furnishings, contributing to a sophisticated yet homey atmosphere.

Upstairs, the bedrooms continue the theme of elegance and warmth, with the Genuine Oak floors transitioning smoothly to soft carpets that provide a plush underfoot experience, echoing the home’s overall design harmony. Each of the four duplexes within the project showcases the versatility and beauty of the Hurford flooring, proving it to be a fitting choice for modern residential design that values both style and substance.

Photo Reference: Raywhite Thirroul 

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