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5 Crusade Place Woolooware – Raw

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Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection – Raw 1904

Set against the backdrop of Woolooware’s serene suburbia, Timberclub Australia takes pride in showcasing their mastery in flooring with the Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection. The color, Raw 1904, adorns the floors of a luxurious duplex development at 5a Crusade Place, a testament to Skymark Group’s vision for elegance and modernity.

The raw hue of the oak floors, a light, almost untouched appearance, provides a foundation of natural warmth that flows seamlessly throughout the open spaces of this residence. The minimalist aesthetic of the timber contrasts yet complements the plush comfort of the neutral-toned carpets in the bedrooms, creating a sanctuary of calm and a canvas for the inhabitants’ personal touch.

The oak’s understated charm is amplified by the sunlight that streams through generous windows, accentuating the fine grain that whispers stories of nature’s unspoiled beauty. It is this thoughtful selection of materials and shades by Timberclub Australia that orchestrates a harmony between the natural and the crafted, between the foundation of the home and the life lived upon it.

In the duplex, where modern architecture meets timeless materials, the choice of the Oak Regal Reverie Collection in Raw 1904 demonstrates a commitment to enduring quality and design that celebrates both form and function. Here, Skymark Group’s development is not just a dwelling but a space where every step is a testament to the craftsmanship and aesthetic foresight of Timberclub Australia.

Developer: Skymark Group 

Photo Reference: One Agency Cronulla – Caringbah 

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