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5 Ryan St Balgownie – Natural Oak

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Timberclub Elements Collection – Natural Oak

The newly constructed villas at 5 Ryan St, Balgownie, present a harmonious blend of modernity and warmth, thanks in part to the Timberclub Elements collection oak flooring, in the inviting shade of natural oak, supplied and installed by Timberclub Australia. Each villa within this trio showcases the captivating synergy between the flooring and the contemporary kitchen fixtures.

As you step inside, the natural oak flooring offers a welcoming embrace, its organic texture and hue bringing an inherent coziness to the open spaces. The kitchens, a testament to modern design, feature sleek white cabinetry and smooth countertops that contrast beautifully with the wood’s natural charm. The subtle color variation within the oak planks complements the understated elegance of the kitchen, creating a space that is as inviting as it is stylish.

This project, comprising three stunning villas, is the craftsmanship of Danzo Constructions, known for their attention to detail and quality. The properties are represented by real estate agent Sam Vescio, whose expertise in presenting such high-caliber homes is evident. The villas not only offer a luxurious living experience but also embody a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and functional design, showcased masterfully through the choice of flooring and interior decor.

Builder: @danzoconstructions
Agent: @samvesciommj

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