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8 Virginia st North Wollongong Project

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Each of the seven apartments within the 8 Virginia Street development in North Wollongong is a showcase of impeccable design, present a harmonious blend of floor and interior design that exudes a sense of luxury and warmth. The floors are adorned with the Timberclub Prime Legend Collection in Atlantic Oak, a color choice that imbues the space with the rich, deep tones of the ocean’s depths, evoking a feeling of sophistication. This premium flooring pairs seamlessly with the lighter Timberclub Elements Collection in Natural Oak, used in the top-floor apartments, providing a stunning contrast that highlights the natural beauty of the wood grain.

The design strategy is centered around creating a flow of natural light and space, with the floor’s reflective surface enhancing the sense of openness. The thoughtful placement of furniture complements the flooring, with a minimalist approach that underscores the elegance of the timber. Soft, upholstered pieces in neutral colors provide comfort without overpowering the rooms, while accent pieces in metal and glass introduce a contemporary edge. This careful curation of materials and colors ensures that the interior design not only matches the high-end flooring but also elevates the entire living experience to one of unpretentious luxury.


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