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Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection – Raw

The 35 Lorking Street, Bellambi, NSW duplex project is a testament to modern architectural design seamlessly integrated with natural elements to create a living space that is both contemporary and inviting. The choice of Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection in raw color for the flooring is a statement of understated elegance. This premium flooring option, directly stuck to the concrete, provides a solid and durable foundation that complements the minimalist aesthetic of the home.

Inside, the oak floors in their natural hue set a warm and organic tone that contrasts beautifully with the crisp white cabinetry and walls, enhancing the open-plan living area’s sense of space and light. The raw color of the planks brings an earthy, neutral palette that works harmoniously with the home’s modern fittings and fixtures. The natural grain of the oak is subtly visible, adding texture and depth to the rooms, and promoting a sense of continuity from the inside out.

In the exterior shots, the duplex presents a striking facade combining raw brickwork with sleek render and timber accents, where the earthy tones of the brick complement the oak flooring visible through large windows. The juxtaposition of materials on the exterior hints at the interior’s design philosophy, where the flooring acts as a bridge between the modern and the natural. Overall, the Timberclub Oak floors are a key component of the project, grounding the space in nature while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Photo Reference : MMJ NORTN Troy & Madison Phipps 

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