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Nightingale Close Blackbutt Project

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Belle Vie Herringbone Hybrid – Sherwood Oak
Within the serene enclave of Blackbutt, NSW, the architecturally crafted duplexes at 8 Nightingale Close emerge as a portrait of design excellence. Here, the Timberclub Belle Vie Herringbone Hybrid Planks in Sherwood tint are not merely a flooring choice but a foundation of elegance, chosen for their sophisticated interplay with light and space. These planks, celebrated for their waterproof resilience, stretch across the thresholds and rise along the staircases, maintaining an organic synchrony that whispers of the herringbone’s storied heritage.
The Sherwood shade, a melody of earthy tones, brings forth an aesthetic dialogue between nature and craftsmanship. As the day ebbs, each plank basks in the golden hues of dusk, transforming the spaces into a gallery of shadows and silhouettes, alive with the ballet of the everyday. Here, design transcends function—it becomes a narrative, an Instagram-worthy tableau that invites admiration and inspiration in equal measure.
Each duplex at 8 Nightingale Close is an ode to refined living, where the flooring is not just a surface but a statement of luxury, a symphony in timber that resonates with the rhythms of modern living. It is here that the Belle Vie Herringbone becomes more than a detail—it evolves into the very essence of home.
Builder: Boyan Build

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