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Canaan Ave Figtree – Prime Legend Spotted Gum

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Prime Legend Collection – Spotted Gun

Amidst the verdant embrace of Figtree, 25 Canaan Avenue emerges as a masterstroke of design, where every inch sings a ballad of elegance. It’s a place where the Timberclub Prime Legend Laminate in Spotted Gum lays beneath your feet like a canvas, rich with the patina of earthy browns and the hushed gold of dawn.

As you step across the threshold, your gaze is immediately drawn to the sumptuous Timberclub Prime Legend Laminate flooring in the hue of Spotted Gum, reminiscent of a forest floor dappled with sunlight. This choice of flooring is a ballet of browns, where light dances with dark, and the intricate grain patterns play a captivating rhythm that resonates through the space.

The flooring unifies the spaces, running continuously through the rooms, which enhances the flow of the house. The laminate’s color and pattern are versatile, matching various settings, from the kitchen with its industrial-style pendant lights to the living room with its plush sofas and modern art pieces. The home’s decor highlights the harmony between the rustic charm of traditional materials and the clean lines of modern design. The flooring choice plays a crucial role in tying the entire aesthetic together, creating a sense of continuity and warmth throughout the home.

Here, the windows don’t just let in light; they capture vignettes of Figtree’s beauty, framing them as living art. 25 Canaan Avenue is not simply a dwelling but a beacon of style—a design odyssey that redefines the very essence of home.

Realestate agent : First National Real Estate Wollongong – Leanne Brailey 

Builder: Banfield Constructions Pty Ltd

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