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Darlinghurst / Pure Diamond

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Timberclub Elements Collection – Pure Diamond

Premium office space in Darlinghurst, embodying a modern minimalist design. The interior features Timberclub’s Elements Collection flooring in ‘Pure Diamond’, a choice that illuminates the space with its bright and clear appearance. Installed via a direct stick method onto a 5mm rubber underlay, the flooring not only presents a smooth, polished surface but also contributes to the acoustic comfort of the office.

The design cleverly juxtaposes the floor’s natural wooden texture against the raw, industrial backdrop of exposed concrete pillars and visible ductwork, creating an eclectic mix of rustic and contemporary elements. The selected furnishings harmonize with the light hue of the floor; the simple wooden chairs and tables introduce an organic touch, contrasting with the pristine white workstations and sleek black leather sofa.

Glass partitions ensure the retention of an open, airy feel, permitting natural light to sweep across the wooden floors and accentuate their grain, amplifying the sense of space. The overall ambiance exudes tranquility and lucidity, with the ‘Pure Diamond’ color of the flooring reflecting the purity and precision synonymous with a high-caliber professional setting.

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