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Figtree / Pure Sun

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Clever Choice 20mm oak – Pure Sun

This kitchen exudes modern sophistication, seamlessly blending contemporary design elements with classic materials. The pristine white cabinetry provides a clean backdrop, allowing the stunning marble backsplash to take center stage with its intricate veining and luxurious texture. A touch of greenery and wooden shelves introduce warmth and a homely feeling to the space. The highlight of the design is the incorporation of the Clever Choice 20mm premium oak engineered timber in a “Pure Sun” shade. This flooring choice complements the overall aesthetic, offering a gentle contrast to the cool tones of the marble and cabinetry. Its rich texture and natural grains bring a touch of nature indoors, anchoring the kitchen with a timeless and durable foundation. Paired with the wooden stools, the oak flooring creates a harmonious visual flow, adding depth and character to the room. This design effortlessly marries function and style, offering a space that’s both inviting and luxurious.

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