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Keiraville House – Genuine Oak Smouldered

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Genuine Oak By Hurfords – Smouldered

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the abode radiates an aura of understated elegance, courtesy of the GENUINE OAK BY HURFORD in Smouldered hue, a testament to Timberclub Australia’s commitment to quality. The rich, deep tones of the oak ground the space, lending it a tranquil and inviting ambiance, a perfect canvas for the delicate dance of shadows and light that play across its surface throughout the day.

As the threshold between the embrace of nature and the sanctuary of the indoors blurs, the oak flooring lays down a path that is both enticing and comforting, beckoning one to step inside. The living space is a haven of tranquility, where the ceilings soar, and the oak floors stretch out, their whispers of grain and texture speaking of timeless elegance.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, is an ensemble of pristine white and subtle grays, where the Smouldered oak floors provide a touch of organic warmth. They reflect the careful illumination that graces this culinary stage, inviting an interplay of light that is both playful and serene.

In the grand orchestration of living, dining, and culinary spaces, it is the oak flooring by Timberclub Australia that conducts the symphony of design elements, each note resonating with Boyan Build’s symphonic craftsmanship. This oak flooring is not just a feature; it is the soul of the home, orchestrating an experience of aesthetic delight and practical sophistication.

Buider: Boyan Build 


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