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Keiraville / Natural Clear

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Genuine Oak by Hurford – Natural Clear

This project, known as “The Avenue,” showcases designer Gavin Hepper’s unique vision for modern living spaces. The kitchen area features exquisite marble backdrops that seamlessly blend with white cabinetry and a sleek, rounded central island, creating a clean and luxurious visual appeal. The flooring is adorned with genuine oak in a natural clear shade, installed using the direct stick method, which harmoniously converses with the kitchen and the overall brightness of the space. This choice of flooring is not only practical but also imparts a grounded warmth, accentuating the openness and fluidity of the area. The design masterfully  marries the warmth of natural materials with the simplicity of modern aesthetics, resulting in a harmonious and elegant living environment.

Designer Concepts by Gavin Hepper

Photography GCC Visuals Video Production and Photography

Product used in this project

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