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Konna St Albion Park Project 4 Duplexes

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41 Konna St Albion Park Project

The 41 Koona St project unveils four exquisite duplexes, each a beacon of modern architecture and interior finesse. Within these duplexes, beauty and functionality interlace through the installation of 300 square meters of the Prime Contemporary Plus Edition laminate in the calming shade of Aspen Oak. This premium flooring selection sets a tone of understated elegance, its gentle hue reflecting a commitment to a contemporary aesthetic that is both warm and inviting.

The laminate’s seamless flow is further accentuated by 64 segments of laminate stairs, which serve not just as a utilitarian feature but as a sculptural element that elevates the design narrative of the duplexes. These stairs ascend with grace, echoing the clean lines and refined palette of the interiors.

In the upstairs domain, the first-floor hallways and bedrooms are sanctuaries of comfort, where the tactile pleasure of plush carpeting offers a soft reprieve from the day’s demands. This deliberate contrast of textures—between the laminate’s sleekness and the carpet’s softness—creates a sensory experience that is both luxurious and comforting.

The four duplexes at 41 Koona St Albion Park are a symphony of design elements, each playing their part to perfection. The Aspen Oak flooring whispers of nature’s timeless beauty, the carpets offer a haven of tranquility, and together with the sophisticated home decor, they compose a living space that is not just seen but felt. Every corner, every turn in these duplexes is a testament to the art of living well, where every detail is a thread in the larger tapestry of exquisite suburban living.

Photo Reference : Right Choice Real Estate  

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