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Lachlan St Thirroul – Alicante

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Timberclub Summit Collection – Alicante

At 58 Lachlan Street, Thirroul, the essence of coastal charm is captured and presented with a contemporary flair. Inside, the Alicante color from the Timberclub Summit Collection graces the floor, a deep, rich hue that brings the warmth of timber into the modern age. The floors are expertly laid using a direct stick installation method, ensuring a secure and lasting foundation that feels as good as it looks.

In the dining area, the Alicante flooring pairs beautifully with the natural light streaming through generous windows, highlighting the sophisticated grain and depth of color in the timber. The dining table, a centerpiece of natural wood, complements the floors, creating a cohesive space that’s both inviting and refined.

Transitioning into the living room, the Alicante floors continue to impress. They set a dramatic stage for the sleek furniture and soft textures that fill the room. Against this backdrop, every piece of decor, from the earthy rug to the vibrant art on the walls, is elevated, creating an environment where design and comfort are in perfect harmony.

The Alicante’s distinctive character and the direct stick method’s assurance of quality make this home not just a visual treat but a testament to craftsmanship and style. Here, the Summit Collection’s flooring is not merely a detail but the foundation that brings the entire aesthetic together, promising a home that’s as beautiful as it is enduring.

Photo Reference: McGrath Thirroul 

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