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Mangerton / Castel Nuovo Herringbone Oak

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Castel Nuovo Herringbone Collection – H08 Black Opal 

The residential interiors is a striking example of elegant design, featuring the Castel Nuovo Herringbone Collection in Black Opal by Timberclub Australia. The rich, deep tones of the Black Opal wood floors bring a sense of sophistication and depth to the spaces. The herringbone pattern adds a classic touch that enriches the contemporary feel of the rooms.

In the kitchen, installed by Best Kitchen, the contrast between the dark floors and the pristine white cabinetry creates a visually arresting aesthetic. The kitchen’s clean lines and marble countertops enhance this juxtaposition, resulting in a luxurious space that’s both modern and inviting. The herringbone flooring not only complements the kitchen’s monochromatic palette but also ties the whole space together, harmonizing with the stainless steel appliances and the sleek cabinet hardware.

The living areas continue this theme, with the dark herringbone floors grounding the lighter furniture and decor elements. The natural texture and variation within the Black Opal shade add warmth, creating a welcoming atmosphere that is both comfortable and stylish. In spaces with abundant natural light, the floors reflect the light differently throughout the day, adding a dynamic element to the overall design.

Throughout the home, the choice of the Timberclub Australia’s herringbone flooring in Black Opal is a testament to the homeowners’ discerning taste, providing a foundation that anchors all other design choices in an understated yet undeniable luxury.

Client: Best Kitchen 

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