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Marlo Road Towradgi – Cromer oak

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Timberclub’s Lavanda Oak – Cromer oak 701

The duplex at 56 Marlo Road in Towradgi is an embodiment of understated luxury, where the selection of Timberclub’s Lavanda Oak flooring in Cromer Oak hue infuses the space with an essence of coastal serenity. The gentle, sandy tones of the Cromer Oak resonate with the light and space of the seaside, bringing the tranquility of a beachside retreat into the heart of the home.

As sunlight dances across the Lavanda Oak, it accentuates the intricate natural grain, creating a dynamic tapestry that shifts with the changing light of day. The flooring’s seamless extension from the expansive living areas to the elegant rise of the staircase crafts a narrative of fluidity and grace. Each step upon the staircase, bordered by crystalline glass balustrades, is like a whispered conversation with the natural world, echoing the soft, organic whispers of the oak.

In every room, the Cromer Oak floors lay the foundation for a canvas upon which life can paint its vibrant moments. The pale, muted tones of the wood work in harmony with the bold strokes of modern architecture and the purity of white walls, offering a subtle yet profound statement of style. This is a home where every detail sings in chorus, a symphony of design that captures both the eye and the spirit.

Builder: Danzo Constructions Pty Ltd

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