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Montgomery rd Miranda Project – SAPPHIRE MIRANDA

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Timberclub Oak Regal Reverie Collection – Sorrel 1905

The 2-4 Montgomery Road Miranda project showcases six luxurious duplexes that epitomize contemporary elegance and style. At the heart of these residences lies the TIMBERCLUB OAK REGAL REVERIE COLLECTION in the shade of sorrel 1905, which has been masterfully installed using the direct stick method. This particular choice of flooring exudes a warm and inviting aura, complementing the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the interior design.

The sorrel-toned oak flooring, with its rich grain and natural texture, brings a sense of organic beauty to the living spaces. Its wide planks create an expansive feel, enhancing the openness of the rooms. The color of the wood is versatile, harmoniously blending with the neutral palette of the walls and furniture, and providing a stunning contrast to the metal accents and marble countertops found throughout the homes.

The matte finish of the oak floors pairs seamlessly with the soft furnishings, such as plush sofas and elegant drapes, contributing to a cohesive and refined look. The natural light that floods through the large windows reflects off the oak, highlighting its natural variation and creating a dynamic interplay of shadows and highlights that adds depth and character to the rooms.

In essence, the choice of TIMBERCLUB OAK REGAL REVERIE COLLECTION in sorrel 1905 for the flooring is a testament to the project’s commitment to quality and design excellence. It underscores a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere, inviting residents to enjoy the luxury of space and the beauty of modern design married with natural elements.

Developer : Forte Sydney Property Group 

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