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North Sydney / Brush Box Parquetry

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Hurford Raw Timber Parquetry / Brush Box

The curated visuals within these images whisper a tale of modern elegance entwined with mid-century charm. Beneath the curated collection of furnishings, Hurford’s raw timber parquetry floors in a sumptuous Brush Box hue lay a foundation of warmth, with each plank’s rich tones telling its own story. Installed with precision through the direct stick method, cushioned by a 5mm rubber underlay, the floors offer a silent homage to both craftsmanship and comfort.

Amidst this, a symphony of furniture that marries form and function—iconic mid-century chairs and sleek, contemporary sofas—creates an inviting tableau against the muted drama of the textured grey walls. These surfaces, with their delicate plaster-like finish, evoke an industrial sophistication that is both understated and captivating.

Overhead, modern lighting fixtures cast a golden glow, their metallic sheen cutting a fine contrast against the softness around them. Artworks splashed with color dance upon the walls, their vibrant strokes adding layers of depth and personality to the space.

In every corner, there is a sense of deliberate design harmonizing with serendipitous comfort, a testament to an abode that is not just seen but felt—a haven of beauty that beckons one to linger within its embrace.

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