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Pennant Crescent Berkeley – Natural Oak

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AquaElegance Plus Laminate Floor – Natural Oak

Step inside this modern abode where the waterproof laminate flooring from Timberclub Australia in the shade of Natural Oak offers a durable yet stylish foundation for life’s everyday moments. This natural oak hue, provided by the reputable Timberclub Australia, not only ensures resilience against spills and wear but also exudes a warmth that enriches the living environment crafted by Madina Developments.

In the stairway and communal areas, the Natural Oak flooring contrasts beautifully with the crisp white walls and the soft textures of potted greenery, creating a soothing, earthy palette that invites relaxation. The understated elegance of the laminate is complemented by black railing accents, which add a contemporary edge to the space.

The Natural Oak’s versatility is showcased in the lounge, where its light tones harmonize with a luxurious blue sectional and contrasting patterned cushions, while a rustic wooden console and salt lamp enhance the connection to nature. The natural light that floods the space highlights the laminate’s grain, a testament to Timberclub’s attention to detail and quality.

In the bedrooms, the Natural Oak flooring continues to shine, pairing effortlessly with muted wall colors and bedding, with splashes of geometric patterns adding a modern flair. The bright and airy ambience created by floor-to-ceiling windows is grounded by the laminate, giving the rooms a balanced, serene feel.

Madina Developments’ expertise in design is evident throughout the home, where the practicality of waterproof laminate doesn’t sacrifice style. Instead, it offers a canvas that complements an array of interior choices, from the minimalistic to the bold, proving that functionality and beauty can coexist seamlessly.

Photo Reference : Molenaar + Mcneice 

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