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Robson st Corrimal / Crown Cone

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Clever Choice Hyrbrid Shield XL – Crown Cone

4 Townhouses Floor installed in 44 Robson st Corrimal, it’s evident that the Clever Choice Hybrid Shield XL range in the “Crown Cone” color harmoniously complements the modern interior design of the house. This subtle natural wood hue not only adds warmth and coziness to the living space but also aligns seamlessly with the white cabinetry and stone countertops. Overall, the integration of this flooring with the interior decor provides residents with an environment that is both elegant and functional.

What’s more significant is that this flooring doesn’t just cater to aesthetics. It boasts a 100% waterproof feature, ensuring that the house remains protected against any accidental spills or moisture. Its scratch-resistant nature makes it especially apt for high traffic areas like the kitchen, ensuring that the beauty of the floor remains unscathed, be it during cooking or everyday activities. Additionally, for those considering renting out their property, this flooring is rental-friendly, maintaining its pristine appearance and integrity even with the everyday wear and tear posed by varying tenants.

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