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Vaucluse / Peal White ( AB Grade )

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Timberclub Custom Oak – Peal White AB Grade


Nestled in the prestigious Vaucluse area of Sydney, this luxurious apartment radiates an exquisite sense of minimalistic beauty and refinement. The interiors are graced with custom-engineered oak flooring by Timberclub Australia, featuring an AB grade wood imbued with a Pearl White hue, its surface resplendently smooth and flawless, exuding a natural and pristine charm. The subtle elegance of the floors marries seamlessly with the neutral tones of the furniture, creating a modern yet inviting atmosphere. The staircase, too, boasts this high-quality material, maintaining color and quality consistency with the flooring, thereby seamlessly uniting the different levels of the home with a continuous flow of grace and elegance. Such attention to detail turns each ascent and descent into a delightful experience, transforming the apartment into a meticulously sculpted work of art, a place that captivates and enchants its inhabitants.


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